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One of these agents will meet with you one-on-one for 10 minutes so that you may pitch your book or your book proposal.

Take advantage of this chance to choose an agent in your field and be able to tell about your book.

The Agents


Kate Epstein

Epstein Literary Agency

Kate Epstein founded the Epstein Literary Agency in October, 2005, after four years’ acquisitions experience at Adams Media. She represents nonfiction for adults exclusively. She is a member of the Association of Authors’ Representatives. Her particular areas of interest include pets, memoir, business, health, and lifestyles.


Uwe Stender

TriadaUS Literary Agency

Our Founder, Dr. Uwe Stender, is a Full Member of the AAR (Association of Authors’ Representatives). Our best known clients are former CNN anchor Daryn Kagan, bestselling author and 2001 NAACP Image Award Recipient for Outstanding Literature in Fiction Omar Tyree, bestselling author Michael Konik, BET’s Jeff Johnson, bestselling author and relationship expert Dr. Joel Block, legendary NBA referee Bob Delaney, and author Dan Fante.
We are open to all submissions in nonfiction and fiction. In fiction, we are particularly looking for literary fiction, women’s fiction, YA and mysteries.


Jeanne Fredericks

Jeanne Fredericks Literary Agency, Inc.

Jeanne Fredericks has run her own literary agency since 1997 specializing in quality adult nonfiction by experts in their fields. Previously she worked with Susan P. Urstadt, Inc. for seven years as an agent and acting director. In an earlier career she rose up the editorial side of trade book publishing to editorial director while earning an MBA in marketing at N.Y.U. Graduate School of Business Administration (now called Stern).  She graduated magna from Mount Holyoke College and as a member of Phi Beta Kappa and then earned a certificate from Radcliffe Publishing Procedures Course.

Jeanne has represented more than 75 authors to more than 50 publishing companies. Most of the books she represents are practical popular reference.  Her favorite categories  are health, lifestyle (especially “green”), psychology/relationships, science/nature/pets, and gardening.  She is also interested in business, cooking, elite sports, parenting, and travel.  She seeks creative, cooperative, media-savvy professionals who can offer fresh information and guidance that is needed by a sizable audience.  See her website, for further information.


Gina Panettieri

Talcott Notch Literary Agency

Gina Panettieri is President and Executive Editor of
Talcott Notch Literary. She has worked as a writer,
freelance editor and literary agent for over 20 years.

She represents both fiction, with an emphasis on
mystery, suspense and thrillers, and nonfiction, with
a specialization in prescriptive nonfiction, history,
science, current events, business and finance. Some
of her current titles include THE CONNECTED CHILD,
the #1 adoption title in America, by Dr. Karyn Purvis,
Dr. David Cross and Wendy Sunshine, THE DARKEST
NIGHT, a St. Martin's true crime title by Ron Franscell,
and Gina's own first full-length nonfiction, THE SINGLE
through Adams Media.


Lorin Rees

The Helen Rees Literary Agency

The Helen Rees Literary Agency in Boston was founded over twenty
years ago and represents leading authors such as John Kerry, Jack
Welch, Alan Dershowitz and many other bestselling writers.  

The Rees Agency acquires both fiction and non-fiction.  Non-fiction
interests include, business, current affairs, health, inspiration,
psychology, history, biography, memoirs, and humor.  We consider
literary fiction, mystery, thrillers, and other types of genre literature.  
We do not consider science fiction, romance, fantasy, childrens
books, and poetry.

Lorin Rees is a native of Boston, went to Bard College, and earned
an MBA from Boston University.  Some of his books and authors
nclude the New York Times best seller ‘Words That Work’ by Frank
Luntz, ‘Travel Writing’ by Peter Ferry, ‘Leading From the Front’ by
Captains Angie Morgan and Courtney Lynch, ‘The Mortician Diaries’
by June Nadle, ‘BrandSimple’ by Allen Adamson,‘Girl Most Likely To’
by Poonam Sharma, ‘Blood Makes the Grass Grow Green’ byJohnny
Rico and many more.


Jon Sternfeld

Irene Goodman Agency

A New Jersey native who has logged time in all parts of the country,
Jon Sternfeld joined the Irene Goodman Agency after a stint in both
the creative and the development sides of the film world. He worked
extensively in the trenches of a production company, culling through
screenplays to find the rare nugget of gold, while honing his pitching
and negotiation skills to get these projects ‘green lit’. Discovering
young, hungry writers still remains his passion to this day.

Jon is looking for literary fiction and narrative non-fiction that
combines his love of literature with an adventurous spirit. (He once
canoed all twenty three hundred miles of the Mississippi River to
New Orleans!)

He is open to all writers with an original voice and he has a particular
interest in non-fiction that focuses on cultural, historical and social

He is proud to be the fastest promoted agent in the thirty years of the
Irene Goodman Literary Agency, moving from assistant to agent in
record time.


Rita Rosenkranz

Rita Rosenkranz Literary Agency

Rita Rosenkranz founded Rita Rosenkranz Literary Agency in 1990.
Her wide-ranging adult non-fiction list includes FORBIDDEN FRUIT:
Love Stories from the Underground Railroad by Betty DeRamus
(Atria Books, bestseller); OLIVE TREES AND HONEY:
A Treasury of Vegetarian Recipes from Jewish Communities
Around the World by Gil Marks (Wiley, 2005 James Beard Award
winner); the forthcoming TWENTY STRENGTHS ADOPTIVE
PARENTS MUST DISCOVER by Sherrie Eldridge (Bantam Dell)
Sugar with photos by Bruce Curtis (Running Press). She represents
health, history, parenting, music, how-to, popular science, business,
biography, popular reference, cooking, spirituality, and general
interest titles. Rita works with major publishing houses, as well as
regional publishers that handle niche markets. She looks for
projects that present familiar subjects freshly or lesser-known
subjects presented commercially.

Rita Rosenkranz Literary Agency
440 West End Avenue, #15D
New York, New York 10024-5358
(212) 873-6333 phone
(212) 873-5225 fax  


Jennifer DeChiara

Jennifer DeChiara Literary Agency

The Jennifer DeChiara Literary Agency is a New York City-based
full-service literary agency, recently named one of the top 25 literary
agencies in the country by Writers Digest.

The agency specializes in children's literature of all ages -- picture
books, middle-grade, and young adult -- but also represents high-quality
adult fiction and non-fiction in traditional and non-traditional arenas.
The categories that we are most enthusiastic about agenting are: literary
and commercial fiction; mysteries; thrillers; celebrity biographies; humor;
psychology and self-help; parenting; health and fitness; women's issues;
men's issues; pop culture; film and television; social issues and
contemporary affairs.

We work with major publishers such as HarperCollins, Simon & Schuster,
Carroll & Graf, etc., as well as audio, web, and electronic publishers where
appropriate.  The agency has affiliations with subagents throughout the
world, including individual countries in Europe, Eastern Europe,the Far
East, and South and Central America.  We also have strong working
relationships with several Hollywood agencies.


Jessica Regel
Jean V. Naggar Literary Agency, Inc.

Jessica Regel has worked at the Jean V. Naggar Literary Agency,
Inc. for six years. She agents her own list of children's and adult
books while also working in the subsidiary rights department, selling
film, audio, and UK rights. She received her BA degree in English
Literature from Hunter College.
Her list includes edgy adult fiction such as 6 Sick Hipsters by Rayo
Casablaca, commercial young adult fiction such as Heartbreakers by
Pamela Wells, and middle grade novels such as Hershey Herself
by Cecilia Galante, Pamela Well's Heartbreakers (Scholastic), when
a group of girlfriends all go through break ups on the same night, they
come up with a break up code to get over their heartaches, and John
Michael Cummings' The Night I Freed John Brown (Philomel), the
vividly told story of a boy trying to find his place among a family of
outcasts in Harpers Ferry, West Virginia.  

She's always looking for strong commercial fiction, literary fiction, edgy/hip
fiction, young adult, and middle grade novels, children's non-fiction, and
narrative nonfiction. She doesn't handle practical nonfiction,
inspirational/religion, genre science fiction or fantasy, or political

Linda L. Roghaar

Linda Roghaar Literary Agency

Linda Roghaar has been in the book business since 1974. She worked
in retail bookstores, and for many years was a publishers' rep who sold
independent and university presses to bookstores, chains and wholesalers.
This experience prepared her well for her career as an agent, which began
in 1996.

Linda's years spent on both sides of the market provide her with a keen
sense of what the market is looking for and how to position it. The Linda
Roghaar Literary Agency represents authors with substantial messages
and specializes in nonfiction. We sell to major, independent, and
university presses. We are generalists, but we do not handle romance,
horror, or science fiction. We charge 15% commission on domestic
sales; we do not charge a reading fee.


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