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Connecticut Authors & Publishers University

On Saturday, May 9, 2009

The Connecticut Authors &

Publishers Assoc.

Presents the 6th Annual

Writers Workshop


Hartford Steam Boiler Bldg

Hartford, Connecticut

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Speaker, Humorist,

Best-selling Author, Professor


Hailed as “smart and funny” by People magazine, Gina Barreca has spoken to clients all over the world. She is the author if the best-selling They Used to Call Me Snow White, But I Drifted, Perfect Husbands (and Other Fairy Tales, Sweet Revenge: The Wicked Delights of Getting Even, Too Much of a Good Thing is Wonderful, and, most recently, Babes in Boyland: A Personal History of Coeducation in the Ivy league. Collaborating with Gene Weingarten of the Washington Post, Barreca also co-authored I’m With Stupid: One Man, One Woman, and 10,000 Years of Misunderstandings Between The Sexes Cleared Right Up.

Dr. Barreca has been a tenured professor for twenty years and has written influential work for major journalistic publications including The New York Times, Philadelphia Inquirer, Chicago Tribune, Atlantic Journal Constitution, and dozens of magazines. She has appeared on scores of radio and television programs. Professor of English Literature and feminist theory at the University of Connecticut, Regina Barreca grew up in Brooklyn and Long Island, received a B.A. from Dartmouth College, an M.A. from Cambridge University (where she was a Reynolds’ Fellow), and a Ph.D. from the City University of New York. She has served as an advisor to the Library of Congress for work on humor and the American character, and was deemed a “feminist humor maven” by Ms. magazine. With Gene Weingarten of The Washington Post, she wrote I’m With Stupid: One Man, One Woman, and 10,000 Years of Misunderstandings Between The Sexes Cleared Right Up, published in 2004. Barreca has appeared on scores of radio and television programs, including 20/20, 48 Hours, The Today Show, and Oprah.

Barreca’s works, which have been translated into Chinese, German, Spanish, Italian, Japanese and Czech, include the best-selling They Used to Call Me Snow White, But I Drifted , Perfect Husbands (and Other Fairy Tales), Sweet Revenge: The Wicked Delights of Getting Even, Untamed and Unabashed: Essays on Women and Humor in British Literature, Too Much of a Good Thing is Wonderful and (as editor) The Penguin Book of Women’s Humor, The Signet Book of American Humor, The Erotics of Instruction, and A Sit-Down With the Sopranos: Watching Italian American Culture on T.V.’s Most Talked-About Series (2002). With cartoonist Nicole Hollander, she wrote An ABC of Vice: An Insatiable Woman’s Guide, published in 2003. Her most recent book is Babes in Boyland: A Personal History of Coeducation in The Ivy League, published by the University Press of New England.






Sandra Marton is a top author for Harlequin Presents, the world’s best-selling romance fiction imprint. She’s just completed her 75th novel, signed a multi-book contract, and has approximately 24,000,000 (and counting!) books in print in twenty-plus languages. Sandra’s stories all feature the sexy, gorgeous, complex, tough on the outside but tender on the inside Alpha heroes she loves to create—and her fans love to read.

A four-time finalist for the RITA, the coveted award given by Romance Writers of America, Sandra has also won eight Romantic Times Magazine Reviewers’ Choice Awards and has been honored with Romantic Times’ Career Achievement Award for Series Romance. Sandra lives in Connecticut with her husband.




MJ Allaire grew up in South Florida. After graduating high school, she joined the Navy and ended up in Pearl Harbor, Hawaii, where she met and married a submariner. Three children and ten years later, they moved to Connecticut.

She always had a love of reading, and wanted her children to feel the same way. Her oldest son took an interest in dragons, but she had difficulty finding books for him so she decided to write one, keeping him in mind.

Freshly divorced, raising three children and working a full-time job, she wanted to be a positive example for her children. She wanted them to know that, above all, you can do anything that you put your mind to.

Author of the Denicalis Dragon Chronicles, which is a series of books that capture the imagination. The first three, Dragon’s Blood, The Prisoners, and Dragon’s Tear, create a world that is loved by young adults and adults alike. Book four is due out soon.

“This is a touching story of love and courage, successes and failures. It is one of magical stones, mysterious creatures, and tales of dragons that lived long ago. More importantly, however, it is a story of dreams, both imagined and shattered.

The journey through the cave is one that becomes the journey of a lifetime that leads to the children learning a lot about themselves and each other. The challenges that they deal with in the tunnels of darkness force them to make adult decisions and ultimately take them into a world only seen in their dreams.”

Nikoo and Jim McGoldrick

(Jan Coffey)

Writing Mysteries


Nikoo and Jim McGoldrick are storytellers with a checkered past.

From the submarine shipyards of Electric Boat in Groton, Connecticut, and the clubs of Rodeo Drive, to the forges of Pennsylvania and the electronics manufacturers of Massachusetts, these two have spent their lives gathering material for their novels. Nikoo, a manufacturing engineer, and Jim, who has a Ph.D. in sixteenth-century British literature, wrote their first full-length novel, a historical romance, in 1994. Since then, Jim and Nikoo have written twenty-six novels and a work of nonfiction, and they are presently focusing their imaginations on producing suspense thrillers with a decidedly technological slant.

The “Jan Coffey” pseudonym, one of several they have used, is actually a play on their own names: Jan is an acronym for “Jim and Nikoo,” and Coffey is Nikoo’s maiden name.

These prolific and popular authors have been the recipients of numerous awards for their work. They now reside in Litchfield County, Connecticut. Some of the many awards they’ve won for their books are…

2007 New Jersey RWA Golden Leaf Award — Best Single Title Novel — The Project.
2006 Florida RWA Laurel Wreath Finalist — Best Romantic Suspense —Five in a Row.
Florida RWA Laurel Wreath Winner — Best Historical — Dreams of Destiny.
Florida RWA Laurel Wreath Finalist — Best Romantic Suspense — Fourth Victim.
Virginia RWA Holt Medallion Winner — Best Long Historical — Borrowed Dreams.
Virginia RWA Holt Medallion Finalist — Best Mainstream Novel — Triple Threat.
Romantic Times Magazine’s Reviewers’ Choice Award — Best British Set Historical Romance — Borrowed Dreams.
RIO Award of Excellence — Finalist for Best Long Historical Romance — Borrowed Dreams.
Kiss of Death Mystery/Suspense Chapter RWA Daphne du Maurier Award — Winner for Best Single Title Novel — Twice Burned.
National Readers’ Choice Award Finalist — Best Single Title — Twice Burned.
Virginia RWA Holt Medallion Winner — Best Long Historical — The Rebel.
RWA RITA Award — Finalist for Best Contemporary Single Title Novel — Twice Burned.
RWA RITA Award — Finalist for Best Short Historical Novel — Tess and the Highlander.
Dorothy Parker Award — Finalist for Best Romantic Suspense Novel — Twice Burned.
Heart of Denver RWA Aspen Gold Award — Finalist for Best Single Title Novel — Trust Me Once.






The Author and Illustrator of Sarah Walked to School

Glenn Shapiro has a passion for children’s books and poetry, which he has been writing all of his life. Glenn lives in Longmeadow, Massachusetts; the town he was born and raised in. Some of his favorite children’s authors are Shel Silverstein (The Giving Tree) and Bill Peet (The Wump World).

For Sarah Walked to School, Glenn teamed with an accomplished artist, Ben Quesnel, as the illustrator. Ben has been recognized as one of the country’s finest artists, winning a Congressional Art Award in 2006. He brought great imagination to the illustration process. He depicts people in a unique and interesting way. As you read the book, small clues to what is in store for Sarah can be seen in some illustrations. Ben illustrated the book while still a student at Southern Connecticut State University.




Airplane pilot with commercial license and instrument rating. Owned Piper high-performance airplane (Saratoga) for ten years and flew it for a total of 1,000 hours on sales missions for my business. Hold current medical certificate (Expires Sept. 2008).

Former professional actor in England, earned living at it for five years. Member, British Actor’s Equity. Played before, and was presented to, Queen Mary. Made film for the military: ‘Technique of Instruction’. Spent two months made-up as Robert Taylor, and played a considerable portion of his role in ‘The Conspirator’ because scheduling crisis back in California, left Taylor with insufficient time for anything except close-ups, and for scenes with Elizabeth Taylor. Taylor’s voice was dubbed onto my footage.

Graduate of American Academy of Dramatic Art. Hobbies and other activities: Writing: Published technical articles in trade papers in England and USA. Work-out at the gym when business commitments permit.

Took course in California with Dan Poynter to learn a bit about publishing. To test the waters, wrote an experimental non-technical book ‘The Thirteen Club’ about the history of the manufacturing company I founded in 1958 (and still lead). Created my own publishing company (Three Spires Publishing). Produced the book in hard-cover with professionally created dust-jacket (Paul Perlow, NYC). Printed 2,000 copies. Sold them all myself (List price $24.95), through Ingram and New-England book-stores. Spent countless hours talking with patrons of WaldenBooks, Barnes & Noble and Borders, promoting my experimental book and learning which categories of readers would buy the books I would write in the future. Enlisted in writer’s school at Fairfield University, CT. Learned how to be more entertaining and make readers more eager to turn the page. That priceless instruction gave me the courage and confidence to write Love and Sand.

Bonnie Kaye

Stopping Predatory Publishing


After she was fraudulently taken in by a print-on-demand company in 2007, Bonnie Kaye organized a victims group via the Internet and successfully shut the company down leading to a civil judgment by the State of Indiana. She gathered over 500 other victims and worked methodically through the appropriate government agencies to stop the fraud. She is presently exposing another fraudulent book publishing company and taking the same steps with their victims. Kaye will tell people how one person can make the difference in stopping predatory publishing, and she will give information on how to check out publishing companies before investing money for services that will not be delivered.

Bonnie Kaye, M.Ed., is an internationally recognized counselor/author in the field of straight/gay marriages. She has worked with over 40,000 women who find themselves unsuspectingly married to a gay man. She has appeared on numerous national talk and news television shows including Oprah Winfrey, CNN with Paula Zahn. She has also been featured in media shows in Canada and the UK. Kaye has six books published on the topic of straight/gay marriages which have sold nearly 10,000 copies.




Peggy Gaffney has been a teacher, librarian, writer, editor, dog breeder and handler and knitting designer. After taking early retirement from her teaching career, Peggy decided to create her own publishing company. She was an experienced writer, dog lover and knitting designer, so Peggy decided to put out a series of knitting books that filled a unique niche market. It was because of the tight focus of the market that convinced her to publish the series herself. It wasn’t easy learning how to do this because there weren’t any simple step-by-step guides.

However, four years and seven successfully published books later, she has created a basic guide for authors, who want to publish and to sell their work, as well as get it done quickly and inexpensively. This book is called Do It Yourself Publishing Nonfiction In Your Spare Time.

Peggy Gaffney has spoken on this topic numerous times, inspiring writers, business owners, academics, and all who have a book to publish and want to learn how to ‘Do It Yourself.’





Learn firsthand how to manage and make search suggestions to increase book sales on and Blogging. You’ll learn how to use AmazonConnect to communicate directly with your readers, and how to drive sales for your up-and-coming releases and hidden gems in your backlist. How customers discover your genre by enrolling in Amazon’s “Search Inside” program. Utilize “Search Engine Optimization,” (SEO) to get your blog noticed and make money using Google’s AdSense to entice readers to purchase your work. Learn more about these free services. In this workshop, whether you’re working with print on demand, independent publishers, or through a large publishing house. You can generate more buzz for your book and blog’s so they’re more readily noticed & profitable!

Dennis J. Schleicher was launched into national prominence appearing on television talk shows including Larry King Live in 1990 at the age of 17 after being severely beaten by his classmates for being gay. In recent years, Mr. Schleicher was a regional sales manager, representing a multimillion dollar territory within the professional beauty industry with 400 plus sales reps reporting directly to him. He currently is the founder of the Author’s Marketing Solutions where he works directly with published authors to increase their sales through MySpace, and various Blogger websites. Over the past year since his debut at CAPA University 2007 Schleicher has developed more than a dozen blog websites for published authors and fortune 500 companies. He candidly admits he favors the authors as we often don’t understand the marketing side to publishing. His work can be seen at,,,,,, this site receives 4000 hits a month due to his easy to follow (SEO). Using free sites like

In July 2006, he published his explosives and controversial memoir Forbidden Love with a Married Man: E-mail Diaries, which has received national attention from dozens of television and radio shows around the country. Mr. Schleicher still struggles to complete his second book The Other Man, because all of his time is spent on educating and working with authors on the importance of blogging and utilizing the free power of (SEO). Those who attended Dennis’s workshop last year at CAPA University had feedback that he was a dynamic and charismatic lecturer.

Eugene Brissie, Associate Editor

Globe Pequot Press

Working With Mainstream Publishing


For the past three years, Gene Brissie has been Associate Publisher of The Lyons Press, a division of The Globe Pequot Press, based in Guilford, CT. Previously, he was Editor in Chief of New York City-based Citadel Press, and before that he was president of James Peter Associates, a literary agency founded in 1971 representing more than 75 authors specializing in nonfiction books.  He has also held senior editorial and publishing positions at Prentice Hall Press, G. P. Putnam’s Sons, Simon & Schuster, and Farrar, Straus and Giroux.

During his 30-year publishing career, Gene has acquired, edited and published literally hundreds of general-interest, nonfiction titles for the adult market, including books by celebrities such as Martin Mull, Linda Evans, Bo Derek, Brooke Shields, Jaclyn Smith, and Heloise, and sports figures such as Jose Canseco, Bubba Smith, Wade Boggs, and Dick Vitale.  He has also published successful books too numerous to list in such categories as sports, the outdoors, business and management, personal finance, health, fitness, exercise, cookery, history, pop culture, reference, travel, real estate, biography, autobiography, humor, TV, film, and more.

The Lyons Press publishes approximately 150 hardcover and trade paperback titles a year.

The Globe Pequot Press, Inc. engages in publishing, marketing, promoting, and distributing regional travel guides in the United States. Its titles comprise books on domestic and international travel, outdoor recreation, sports, how-to, history, fiction, health and fitness, cooking, and nature. The company was founded in 1947 as Stonington Printing Company and changed its name to The Globe Pequot Press, Inc. in 1978. The company is based in Guilford, Connecticut with an additional office in Springfield, Tennessee. The Globe Pequot Press, Inc. operates as a subsidiary of Morris Communications Company, LLC.Globe Pequot is an adult trade publisher with more than 4,000 active titles in current events, history, travel, outdoor recreation, sports, pets, humor, cooking, self-help and lifestyle. FalconGuide, Insider’s Guide and Cadogan Guides. The Lyons Press: general trade list on history, biography, fishing and more.



shel-horowitzphoto – Andrew Morris-Friedman

Shel was still a teenager when he started doing publicity and marketing for grass-roots community organizations with zero promotional budget. There wasn’t even money available for stamps, so he used to hand-deliver press releases on a three-speed bicycle, Trained as a journalist, he first became aware of the power of the news media when a local paper refused to print meeting notices he wrote for a controversial group–but gave extensive news coverage to its refusal. Now, for over twenty years, he’s helped businesses, nonprofits, and community groups get their message out to the public with little or no expenditure.

Shel now offers not only copywriting and strategic marketing planning, but also speaks on affordable, effective marketing to national audiences. His third marketing book, Grassroots Marketing: Getting Noticed in a Noisy World, was a finalist for ForeWord Magazine’s Book of the Year Award.

In June 2003, convinced that there was a better way to run a business than the methods used by Enron, WorldCom, and Arthur Anderson, Shel released his fourth marketing book, Principled Profit: Marketing That Puts People First. This new book states that honesty and integrity are important, while market share often isn’t…that long-term relationships are better than a one-time sale…and that competitors can be among your best allies.

The book provides dozens of examples of companies large and small that have succeeded by putting people first: familiar names like Johnson & Johnson, Saturn, Southwest Airlines as well as numerous entrepreneurs who are successful in their own niches, even if not widely known. It even includes a list of 20 other copywriters, with full contact information for each–building on Shel’s theory that by helping competitors, he is helping his own business.




Brian Jud is author of Beyond the Bookstore (a Publishers Weekly book) and The Marketing Planning CD-ROM describing new ways to sell more books profitably to special-sales buyers. He is also the author of the new series of printed booklets published by R. R. Bowker with Proven Tips for Publishing Success. Brian is editor of the Book Marketing Matters special-sales newsletter, and creator of the Special-Sales Profit Center used by R. R. Bowker to sell other publishers’ books to special markets

Book Marketing Works, LLC (BMW) is a leading and respected company that provides high quality, sales and marketing resources that enhance our clients’ efforts to sell more books in non-bookstore markets. BMW is the only company in the publishing industry that can provide authors and publishers with the leads, instructions and continuing assistance they need to increase their revenue and profits in special markets.

Harvey K. Flad

Writing Nonfiction


Harvey K. Flad is Emeritus Professor of Geography at Vassar College in Poughkeepsie, New York. He received his Ph.D. from Syracuse University in 1973, and from 1972 to 2004 at Vassar taught courses in Geography and American, Environmental, and Urban Studies. Dr. Flad’s scholarship has focused on cultural and historic landscapes and environmental and urban planning in America. He has published numerous articles on 19th C. landscape design theory and practice, as well as the role of the Hudson River School of Art in environmental preservation. His film and video credits include being the interviewer for the film Hyde Park that won first prize at the National Trust for Historic Preservation film festival and shown on over 140 PBS television stations, and the writer and narrator of the 2006 DVD “A Digital Tour of Poughkeepsie.” Research for the latter led to his current book project Main Street to Mainframes: Landscape and Social Change in Poughkeepsie (forthcoming in May 2009 published by the State University of New York Press). His nonfiction workshop will explore the research methods, structure and writing of Main Street to Mainframes as an urban social history co-authored by a social historian and a cultural geographer.

Dr. Flad has traveled widely and lectured throughout North America, Europe, Scandinavia, Africa, and Asia. He has been a consultant to the Ministry of Cultural Affairs and Tourism of the Commonwealth of Dominica, a USIA consultant to the University of Klaipeda, Lithuania, and in 1997 was a Fulbright Lecturer at the American University of Kyrgyzstan in Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan, Central Asia. He received the Russel Wright Award for Environmental Preservation in 2003.

Suzette Martinez Standring



Newspaper column writing can open the door to regular publication, authorship or syndication. Improve blogs, websites and publications by applying writing tips from award winning newspaper columnists. Learn the craft of doing condensed writing well: point of view, voice, structure and achieving universal resonance. Learn how to identify ideas with a fresh angle when working under deadline constraints, and the common wants and needs of editors and syndicates.

Suzette Martinez Standring is a syndicated columnist for GateHouse News Service, and writes for publications including The Patriot Ledger (MA), The Huffington Post, The Boston Globe, Writer Magazine, among others. She is the author of The Art of Column Writing: Insider Secrets from Art Buchwald, Dave Barry, Arianna Huffington, Pete Hamill and Other Great Columnists. It won First Place for Educational Book in the 2008 Royal Palm Literary Awards of the Florida Writers Association. Suzette served as President of the National Society of Newspaper Columnists, 2004-06, and teaches writing workshops nationally.


Elisa Hutcoe Krochmalnyckyj

News Writing

Elisa Hutcoe Krochmalnyckyj is an award-winning journalist with 20 years of experience in newspapers, including as a reporter, managing editor and editorial page director at various newspapers in New York, Connecticut and Massachusetts. She has also taught journalism at Quinnipiac and St. Joseph colleges. In addition, she has worked in public relations, been a college-newspaper consultant and has written articles, web content and press releases for a New Haven based SEO firm. Elisa has a bachelor of arts from the State University of New York at Binghamton in literature and rhetoric. She currently does freelance writing for the Stonebridge Press newspaper chain in Massachusetts.

Editorial Advice Workshop

With Our Panel of Editors


Beth Bruno, Editor

Beth Bruno, Ed.M., M.A., in the literary biz since 1995 as a columnist, features writer and author, now works almost exclusively as a book editor. Over 100 authors of fiction and nonfiction have collaborated with Beth to improve their manuscripts before seeking publication. “My goal is to enhance each writer’s voice to fully engage the reader.”


Rita M. Reali, Editor

Rita M. Reali is a copywriter, proofreader and editor of general fiction and non-fiction. She has worked as a newspaper writer and editor for local publications, including Imprint Newspapers and The Catholic Transcript, and has provided copywriting, editing, search-engine optimization and proofreading services for advertising agencies, Web-development companies and private clients from Connecticut to California. In 2000, Rita started her own proofreading and editorial service, The Persnickety Proofreader.


Roberta J. Buland, Editor

Roberta J. Buland is a general fiction and non-fiction editor of a variety of diverse subjects including psychology, business, self-help, history, poetry, mystery, romance, harror and most other genres. Roberta has worked for Reader’s Digest, W.W. Wilson and other large and smaller publishing firms for over 20 years in New York, Connecticut, North Carolina, Florida dnd abroad. Ten years ago, she founded RIGHT WORDS UNLIMITED, a full-service editiorial and publishing firm located in West Hartford, Connecticut.

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